Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Zenit Miniatures - Kensei Kickstarter Announcement

Zenit Miniatures announced a new Kensei Kickstarter:

The world of Kensei is renewed. The Hymukai island are being desolate by a deathly and powerful enemy, the hordes rised from hell. The major clans mobilize their armies as they prepare to face an eternal battle, you choose your side! Zenit miniatures has developed a new edition for Kensei, the miniature battle game based on the the ancient and mystical Japan of the samurais, with a completely renewed rule book, adding rules for the every of the existing miniatures and the future ones which are about to arrive as well as a new and epic background. A new system completely compatible with Torii, the skirmish miniature game based on the Kensei world. Prepare your armies! We are celebrating this awakening with a new and spectacular set of war machines miniatures which will be released in May 2017 through a kickstarter campaign. Get ready!
Link: Picture on facebook 
Link: Zenit Miniatures

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