Saturday, April 1, 2017

Public Service Announcement - New Sponsor

Hello everybody,
As you all know, wargaming is an expensive hobby.

A couple of months ago a major player approached me to become the exclusive sponsor of the Fix, and after long negotiations I am proud to announce my new partner:

Sadly that means they don't appreciate the promotion of other companies, so I'll delete those posts later today to start with a clean slate.

But hey, they offered me 15% off of their webstore, and you know how easily that translates into tens of thousands of dollars!

Due to their information policy I can only re-post the content of their newsletter from now on, but I am sure you'll stay loyal readers.


  1. Always loyal, but not gullible - happy april fools day :)

  2. LOL! Had me for a few seconds there.....

  3. That's the second blog today to align itself with GW:
    Happy April Fools!

    1. Looks like people actually believed the TOP post, though. Just goes to show that we know TTFix can't be bought!! 😁

  4. April 2 can't come fast enough! Lol. Good effort though. :-)

    BTW love the blog and have been reading it via RSS for ages.

  5. First time posting here, try harder next year.

  6. Well, I believe an April's Fool joke should be quite obvious.
    Anyway, back to business!

  7. Was absolutely terrified for 10 seconds...

  8. This was almost as funny as the new Shadow War: Armageddon box selling out in under 10 minutes ;)

  9. Cycling back through the days and found this. You had me for about 10 seconds and i about cried. Thanks for that :p


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