Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Break! Shimmering Sword - The Protectorate Wars Artbook Kickstarter

Shimmering Sword launched a Kickstarter campaign for a SciFi artbook:

What is Rangers Project: The Protectorate Wars?
A 100 page digital art book of new illustrations and background literature that will develop a broad look at the setting of Rangers Project.
The Setting: With Earth's resources dwindling mankind has dispersed into the stars, bringing their material greed and lust for power with them. Many powers have established themselves, from great empires and dictatorships to pirate states and economic zones. The need to develop entire planets in colonization efforts and having to defend seemingly infinite stretches of space has seen a sleek vision of the future give way to industrialization and efficiency. Meanwhile the diversity of planetary environments settled has given rise to a variety of military force compositions in play.
The Protectorate Wars will outline this future, detailing the many factions involved, the star systems and worlds they control, and the military forces they command.
A point to make for clarity: This kickstarter is to fund the production of a digital edition of the book only, to be distributed in PDF format. The task of creating new artwork and writing is considerable, requiring time from myself, my writer Enrique Castro, and any collaborative artists I bring into this project. A printed edition is the logical next step, but pure content creation is the focus right now in order to keep goals achievable.
Link: Campaign on Kickstarter 

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