Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Break! Fantasy Flight - Only War: No Surrender Preview

Fantasy Flight Games published a new article about the upcoming supplement for Only War:

No Surrender, the newest adventure supplement for Only War, is quickly approaching, bringing to light all the adventure and terror contained within the Lycurgos, a Ramilles-class star fort. This star fort is under the dominion of the Severan Dominate, a sect of traitors to the Imperium, and in this three-part adventure, you and your fellow Guardsmen must break the traitors’ back and claim Lycurgos for the glory of the Emperor.
During your mission, you’ll encounter foes old and new. Nothing is as it seems onboard Lycurgos and before you can establish the Emperor’s dominion, you will need to uncover the secret lurking within the star fort. To introduce some of his own contributions to the adventure of No Surrender, here’s contributing writer, Tim Cox.
Link: Fantasy Flight Games 

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