Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Break! Pyre Studios - Inevitable Betrayal Board Game Announcement

Pyre Studios announced their first Board Game: Inevitable Betrayal

Three years into its five year journey all is not well aboard the Weyrell Corporation Starship Inevitable Betrayal. JCN, the ship’s AI, has suffered a paranoid break and has literally split it’s personality into facets so it can mend itself. Unfortunately JCN forgot that it took this action and now wages a war against what it sees as rogue AIs.”
I’m pleased to announce our first board game, Inevitable Betrayal, in which players take on the role of a team of Repair Mechs moving around the corridors and rooms of the colony ship Inevitable Betrayal. Their missions revolve around repairing systems damaged in JCN’s AI war.
This game itself is co-operative for 1-6 players, yes you can play it solo, and will contain 42 Miniatures representing the Mechs (see sketch opposite) and the Factors such as weapon drones, turrets and shield casters, used by JCN to protect itself or attack anything that moves. 10 scenarios will be included and with the inclusion of an Encounter Deck no two games will be the same.
Link: Pyre Studios 

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  1. Sounds interesting. I look forward to seeing the miniatures.


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