Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Break! Fenris Games & Green Eyed Games - Cthulhu Wars Boardgame Announcement

Fenris Games and Green Eyed GAmes announced a Kickstarter campaign for a new boardgame called Cthulhu Wars:

Legendary game designer Sandy Petersen, has teamed up with accomplished game professionals Robert M. Atkins and Richard Luong to form the board game company, Green Eye Games. They are extremely excited to launch their first game Cthulhu Wars, debuting later this year.
On what makes this game unique, Sandy remarks, "The marketplace today has many board games featuring the Cthulhu Mythos. In most such games you strive to avert the impending catastrophe. But in Cthulhu Wars you ARE the catastrophe!" Cthulhu Wars is a competitive strategy game in which the players control one of four unique factions, which produce cultists and monsters to build mystic gates, and awaken Great Old Ones.
At Fenris, Ian has spent the past 5 years building a range of miniatures and gaming aids that inspire a wide audience online and in games rooms around the world. "The opportunity to work with one of the biggest names in gaming history to produce truly iconic models is something I had, indeed, only ever dreamed about before, and that same inspiration has driven all of the sculptors I've been lucky enough to work with on Cthulhu Wars. Sandy's enthusiasm for his subject has been infused into every page and every Cthulhu-related gaming experience there is, and we hope this shows through in the work we've contributed so far."
Each copy of Cthulhu Wars comes with 80 high-quality figures, ranging from 28mm to 200mm – the same size as used in D&D or Call of Cthulhu – and are suitable for use in any game of the same scale – such as Descent or Zombicide. We think the figures created by Fenris Games are worth the price alone.
Link: Fenris Games
Link: Green Eyed Games on facebook

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