Thursday, December 20, 2012

Break! Paint the City Pink Charity Ends Soon!

The Paint the City Pink Fundraiser for Breast Cancer Awareness is ending soon:

Ending at midnight GMT on Dec 22nd
There are 5 groups of miniatures. Each with roughly 10 minis in. Links below.
To bid on a mini, go to the group it is in and comment at the bottom with the name of the mini and your bid in GBP / £ UK Pounds.
The bids are in £ Pounds as this is a UK based site and with readers (and hopefully bidders) from around the world it makes things easier to keep it all in a single currency.

Head over to Tales of Tabletop Skirmisher to look at all the miniatures (including Avatar of the Jaguar, painted by me :) )and to bid.

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