Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 - 2013

Hello everybody.,
it is the end of the year and a good time to look at the past and the future.

2012 was a crazy year for me, including another move around the world and a new job. 
The Black Crusade Fundraiser drained away amazing amounts of my time and ressources but I learned a lot from it although not everything worked as intended. Anyway, in the end we got the jopb done and ended up with something we can be proud of.
GenCon was definitely the highlight of the year and just one big blast! I can only recommend to go on a trip with Geek Nation Tours, it was just super-awesome and I met so many great people in Indianapolis!

Well, what’s the plan for next year? 
It is basically "Back to the roots". You might have noticed that there weren’t that many give-aways last year and that I actually missed a lot of opportunities like the second birthday of the Fix or 7500 posts. I am a little bit sorry for that, but I blame the exhaustion from organizing the Black Crusade. I want to do more in this regard again and you can be confident that there will be more next year.
Additionally I finally want to take the Fix to facebook. This has been the plan all along but I shied away from it because of the extra work it would generate, but I would like to make the Fix a bit more of a social experience and it will be a good way to reach even more fellow hobbyists.

And because I know you like it short and sweet I just say Happy New Year and see you in 2013!


  1. Frohes Neues and thank you for a year of great work. Your site became a beacon of information and inspiration in my daily wargaming activities.

  2. Just keep doing what you do, TTF. Loadsa people out here make you their first click of the day.

  3. Your blog is at top of my list every day, to see whats next in the mini world. Keep up the amazing work. Facebook makes me cringe.

  4. No worries, the blog will stay the same. I just want to create a nice fb page to reach out to more people. And to make news gathering a bit easier, too.


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