Saturday, February 11, 2012

Tor Gaming - Relics Rulebook Announcement

Tor Gaming announced the first printed edition of the Relics rulebook:

103 pages in total
56,000 words of fluff – Yes, you did read that right, 56,000 words of fluff! That should be enough for even the most hungry of you fluff heads
4 races to choose from – The book contains the Britanan Empire, the Vaettir, the Orcnar and the Nuem. Each faction is completely original and has it’s own gaming style. So no problems if you like more than one as they will all deliver a different gaming experience.
52 profiles - Across those 4 factions, you get a whopping 52 profiles!
I have to say that this is such an exciting time for me. Many times I though we would never get here and many sleepless nights I have had on the journey to this point. But we are here now and it is an amazing feeling!
The book will be on pre-order some point Monday, so get ready people because Relics is finally here!!!!!

Link: Tor Gaming 

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