Saturday, February 11, 2012

Anvil Industry - New Releases

Anvil Industry announced a new wave of releases:


A range of new Medieval style components are now available in our Steam Lord range
-Armoured arms
-Battle Axe
-Fusion Power Pack
-Medieval Torso
-Renaissance Torso
-Extra Armour Plates
We are also pleased to announce our "Widow Maker" weapons range is now available.
These guns- an Assault Rifle, Shotgun, Pistol and somthing we call an "Auto-Scythe" make great modern looking alternative weapons for 28mm Heroic miniatures, and can be fitted with a number of brutal accessories including a Chainsaw, Grenade Launcher, Scope and high capacity Drum Magazine. Arms to integrate these weapons with the Steam Lords range will be released soon.
Link: Anvil Industry 


  1. Awesome, thanks for this. I just had to order the drum belts ( and may have to back for some grenade launchers). Great find!

  2. Yepp, I'll get some badass drumfed shotguns with chainsaw bajonets for my IG Veterans!


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