Thursday, October 27, 2011

Spartan Games - Massive Announcement of New Releases

Spartan Games announced a massive wave of new releases:

November is a very busy month for Spartan Games and we’re releasing new models for all 3 of our games:
- Dreadnoughts and Destroyers for every fleet in Firestorm Armada
- 5 scenery models for Dystopian Wars
- 5 Covenant Of Antarctica models for Dystopian Wars (naval battle group models now available separately)
- Phase 3 of the Uncharted Seas re-launch
Stock will be shipping to our retail partners in mid to late November.

  Link: Spartan Games

1 comment:

  1. RSN Dreadnought? BOOO!!!

    Come on, Spartan! You sold me on your game with pictures of that ship months ago, and where is it?


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