Thursday, October 27, 2011

Games Workshop - New Army Boxes for High Elves and Skaven (via DakkaDakka)

Pictures of new Army Boxes for Warhammer Fantasy Battle have surfaced on DakkaDakka:


From their forums:

Holiday Megaforce releases.
Dark Eldar - Includes about 25 Wyches. 10 Kabalite Warriors. 9 Reavers. 5 Scouges. 2 Raiders and a Venom.
Space Marines - Don't remember everything in it. There's a drop pod, dreadnought. meh. it's Mehreens. Make up of the set is better than last years.
Skaven - 40 Stormvermin. 40 Clanrats. 20 Plague monks. Bell. Warp lightning cannon. Rat Ogres.
1 other fantasy megaforce. High Elves?

Link: To the thread
Link: Games Workshop

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