Thursday, March 26, 2020

Privateer Press - New Releases

Privateer Press' AdeptiCon exclusive Warcaster and March releases are now available from their online store:

PIP 36033 Negator – WARMACHINE Convergence of Cyriss Light Warjack
PIP 41172 Tesselator – WARMACHINE Convergence of Cyriss Light Warjack
PIP 41175 Ashlynn d’Elyse, the Queen’s Blade – WARMACHINE Mercenary Warcaster Unit
PIP 41176 Asphyxious the Sanctified – WARMACHINE Mercenary Iron Lich Unit
PIP 51086 Monsterpocalypse Sgt. Titanica – Green Fury Monster
PIP 51087 Monsterpocalypse Globbicus – The Waste Monster
PIP 51088 Monsterpocalypse Scavenger Vans and Scrapper – Green Fury Unit Expansion
PIP 51089 Monsterpocalypse Toxxos and Absorbers – The Waste Unit Expansion
PIP 63024 100% Meyhem Gear Expansion – Riot Quest Expansion
Link: Privateer Press

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