Friday, February 21, 2020

Privateer Press - Warcaster Announcement

Privateer Press announced a new game:

Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika is a high-speed hobby miniatures game for two players who each take on the role of a powerful Warcaster in command of a formidable battle force. Players assemble and customize a force of 20–30 models and fight a scenario-driven battle using dice and cards to control their mighty units and to cast epic cyphers. The game is played using an alternating-activation turn sequence with a round tracker that governs scoring opportunities and the duration of ongoing effects. Players take turns activating units one at a time and using their rack of cyphers, reality-warping spells that can be used to enhance their troops and warjacks or to devastate their opponent’s forces.
Warcasters are defined by their unique ability to use Arcanessence to charge the most advance technology in existence: Neo-Mechanika. Arcanessence is a powerful natural energy that emanates from the cores of the planets within the Cyriss galaxy. By channeling Arcanessence (“Arc”) into the mechanikal weapons, armor, and gear of their troopers and warjacks, Warcasters can increase the potency of their fighting units and imbue them with magic-like properties that defy the laws of reality.
Link: Privateer Press

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