Saturday, December 14, 2019

The Plastic Soldier Company - 15mm Ancients & Medievals Announcement

The Plastic Soldier Company is going to produce the classic Corvus Belli 15mm ranges in plastic:

We are delighted to announce PSC have signed a licensing deal with our good friends at Corvus Belli to produce and sell their excellent 15mm Ancients and Medievals miniatures range.
Currently out of production, we will bring this well-beloved, high quality miniatures range back into production over the course of 2020. We will initially produce them in plastic using our new excellent Ultracast system, and then also in metal a little later.
Link: The Plastic Soldier Company 


  1. This is awesome news. I've been looking to upgrade my Romans & Celts from a DBA 2.2 force to Impetus scale for quite a few years (I bought the army boxes for each).

  2. Great news this I look forward to getting more Celts and Carthaginians in 2020


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