Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Fantasy Flight Games - New X-Wing Previews

Fantasy Flight Games published a new X-Wing preview:

Recently introduced to X-Wing™ Second Edition as their own factions, the Resistance and First Order bring a full complement of fighters, pilots, and upgrades to the table. You have Poe Dameron in his signature T-70 X-wing. RZ-2 A-wing pilots like Zari Bangel weave through enemy fighters. Swarms of First Order pilots like "Scorch" and"Longshot" race through the stars in their TIE/fo fighters. And the First Order Conversion Kit gives us a Kylo Ren ready to show his foes the power of the dark side while blasting them to bits with his sleek and deadly TIE/vn silencer.
All together, the second wave of releases for X-Wing promises to infuse the game's thrilling starfighter battles with even more Star Wars action, and there's no better way to start exploring all the wave has to offer than by joining an Organized Play event supported by the new Deluxe Wave Kit!
Link: Fantasy Flight Games 

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