Sunday, December 30, 2018

Break! Mantic Games - Kings of War RPG

Mantic Games announced a Kings of War RPG system:

Taking your adventuring party from the very personal experiences of a roleplaying game to the dungeon-delving antics of Dungeon Saga and the chaotic battlefields of Kings of War will be a very real prospect. After all, Kings of War is an epic setting that calls for impressive scope. And those will be some of the key themes of the roleplaying game: carving your own legends and kingdoms from its turbulent landscape.
There’s lots to do yet, and not much time to make sure it all happens between now and the Kickstarter launch in August. All new artwork, further playtesting of our TriCore system and a raft of approvals need to happen between now and then, but with Mantic’s support and blessing, we are well-placed to make this roleplaying game worthy of a crown.
Link: Mantic Games

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