Thursday, August 2, 2018

Warlord Games - New Afrika Korps Preview

Warlord Games presents the sprues for their upcoming Afrika Korps box:

Frame includes:
5 Rifles
2 MP 40
1 MG34
1 Anti-tank rifle
1 Light 50 mm mortar
Plus assorted entrenching tools, packs, ammo cases, ammo pouches, water bottle, pistol, grenade, and map
Heads include:
1 Officer cap
7 Helmeted (with and without goggles)
4 Feldmütze (Field caps)
6 Pith Helmets
You’ll get 5 of these plastic frames along with the, soon to be pre-ordered, Afrika Korps box set (due for release and in stores late September).
Link: Warlord Games

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