Thursday, June 7, 2018

Corvus Belli - Infinity Merovingian Discontinued

Corvius Belli announced the end of the Merovingians:

The Merovingian army is preparing for its most decisive and epic battle to date, and this will mark a turning point in the Human Sphere – their final stand. This heroic confrontation will truncate dark plans that were directly aimed at undermining humanity’s supremacy from within the sphere.
As were the Spartans at the Battle of Thermopylae, the brave soldiers of Merovingia will be remembered as heroes for their sacrifice.
Merovingia is leaving the Infinity catalog indefinitely. As with humanity among the stars, their future is also uncertain.
We have arrived at a new stage in the game of Infinity, which will include the arrival of new armies, each and every one of them linked to the evolution of the game. To help showcase the appearance of our products in stores, the launching of new armies will result in the withdrawal of older products from our catalog.
As players ourselves, we want Infinity to be a game that grows with the background. We also want to communicate properly and do right by you and the rest of the players in your community. With this being said, change is inevitable and without it, there is no room for growth. When we cease the production of a particular line (such as the sectorial of Merovingia), it will no longer completely disappear from the game. Moving forward, all of the Merovingian models and profiles will be available and legal in the official game and will be available in Infinity Army to use in all official events. This also allows us to consider relaunching the sectorial in the future, should the situation call for it.
In addition, to commemorate the brave sacrifice of Merovingia, we have prepared a special kit that includes a new mission pack – showcasing one of the most decisive battles that the human sphere has ever participated in. Players can recreate this battle in their game, and take part in this spectacular event. In addition to this, you can find a new profile and new fireteams that will remain available for ITS and Infinity Army.
Production of the Merovingian Sectorial Army will end in August. Afterwards, the entire line will be retired from our store. If you have been thinking of getting a Merovingian army, there is no better time than now to act.
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  1. That's a bold move. I wonder if the Merovingians will become the Squats of the Infinity Universe?


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