Sunday, June 10, 2018

Cool Mini or Not - New Death May Die Previews

Cool Mini or Not published further details about Cthulhu - Death May Die:

The brilliant minds of designers Eric M. Lang and Rob Daviau have done just that with Cthulhu: Death May Die (C:DMD). Many games that exist within the Lovecraft mythos focus on the slow growing horror that builds as an investigation comes to its ultimate conclusion. C:DMD forgoes all of the lead up and places players right in the middle of a battle for the fate of the world.
By the time players start an Episode of the game, they already know what is going on. An evil gang of cultists is summoning one of the Great Old Ones, gods from another dimension. These ancient deities once ruled the Earth. Trivialities, like the fate of man, meant nothing to them, except perhaps, as a passing amusement. For eons, they have fallen into a deep deathlike sleep. In a Lovecraft story, the arrival of one of the Great Old Ones often signalled the end of the tale. The protagonist was rendered insane by the very sight of the creature and the audience is left to wonder what happened next. This is where C:DMD begins. Players take on the role of Investigators who have discovered the evil intentions of a cult. The incantations are already being performed, and it’s only a matter of time before the ancient god arrives.
While most Lovecraft protagonists struggle to retain their sanity, the Investigators in C:DMD have already lost theirs. The horrific realities of the situation drove them to madness before the box is even opened. They suffer from conditions like paranoia, pyromania, or PTSD. These ailments can cause them a lot of problems, but if they lean in to use them effectively, they may actually work in their favor. While their sanity has been a casualty, these characters are not going to let that stand in their way of shooting one of the Great Old Ones in the face. It’s almost as if the A-Team has been called into the middle of a Lovecraft story. They are here to chew bubble gum and kick butt… and they’re all out of bubble gum.
The strengths of the Investigators and the blending of their insanities make for formidable characters to play. These aren’t the wilting scientists or professors you’d find in classic Lovecraft tales. These protagonists are ready for a war, and just might be able to save the world.
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