Friday, March 23, 2018

Great Escape Games - 1914 Preview

Great Escape Games announced a new game called 1914:

Our aim was to produce a set of wargames rules that caters to this style of fighting and challenges the players with constant tactical decisions and does not burden them with a lot of rules. 1914 shares some mechanisms with our WWII game, Iron Cross, so players familiar with that ruleset will recognise this one. It plays differently to Iron Cross, however, and uses some mechanisms that are unique to 1914. The battalion is the core tactical element in the game, in a formation that is roughly the size of a British brigade. The game mechanics are easy to grasp and make the game flow smoothly and ensure that both sides are always involved, especially when an opponent is activating units. 1914 is a game in which players act as the overall commander for the battle, developing and co-ordinating a plan for the achievement of operational objectives, and entrusting individual battalions to execute those plans.
 Link: Great Escape Games

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