Monday, January 22, 2018

Macrocosm - New Bonefields Previews

Macrocosm presents new details about their upcoming Kickstarter campaign:

The Date - February 23rd.
The Plan - To fund a range of Undead miniatures. Dwarves and Goblins.
The Miniatures - We will be looking to fund a wide variety of interesting and fun sculpts, from Undead Dwarf Bezerkers to Undead Goblin Pokers and more (Over 60 new sculpts). We have plans for cavalry and artillery too if we can reach the funding for them. We will be producing the majority of these miniatures in resin. This is a step away from our normal manufacturing procedures and we are very excited by the standard and quality that our new caster is producing.
Ancient Grudges - This will be our very own rules set in a fantasy world of our own creation. It will contain all the information you need to create a Undead Warband and go raiding against your foes. There will be several scenarios and a painting guide included as well as character progression for your heroes.
Link: Macrocosm

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