Saturday, October 7, 2017

Mantic Games - Kings of War Vanguard Announcement

Mantic Games announced Kings of War Vanguard:

But I wanted the skirmish game to be set within, alongside, and amongst the battles and wars of Mantica. I recently visited the battlefield of Waterloo – and enjoyed seeing the 3 or 4 battles that happened in the days running up the big bash! The attempts to split the enemy’s force, and interfere with their supply routes. Kings of War: Vanguard seeks to recreate just that. Your best lieutenant takes his trusted band of brothers, heavies and hard bitten warriors to a man (or dwarf) to forage deep behind enemy lines, and come back with their battle plans, their gunpowder or perhaps a princess or two!
The game will feature scenarios that challenge your warband to achieve interesting tactical missions – and these can be played as both one-off games themselves or be the lead up to a big KoW game – and if you lose the battle to protect your gunpowder supplies then you might get less war machines in the big battle! The game will also come with a detailed warband experience and progression system so you can play a long-running campaign of games and watch your characters and Vanguard Company grow and evolve. Very exciting stuff!
Link: Mantic Games

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