Monday, August 7, 2017

Modiphius Entertainment - New Fallout Previews

Modiphius Entertainment published new Fallout previews of the Synths and the dice mechanic:

Whenever a skill roll is made like shooting or lockpicking, you roll the d20 Skill dice to see if it is a success; however, depending on the equipment, abilities, perks, mods, etc. being used, you may also roll some Effect dice as part of the skill roll too.
There are four different Effect dice in Fallout: Wasteland Warfare - Damage, Accuracy, Armour Reduction, and Special - each is a different colour and these are d12s. Why d12s? Well, six sides just didn’t give enough granularity and/or variety to the outcomes for them to accomplish what was required, and twelve sides gives lots of different possible probabilities (plus, d12s are nice and big with large faces for icons).
When you make a roll, you grab the Skill dice and the relevant Effect dice which are easy to recognise as each type is a different colour, and coloured icons for each dice are shown on the card of each weapon, equipment, mod, etc. As with the measurement sticks, the dice icons have markers which allow players with colour-blindness to recognise what they need too.
Link: Modiphius Entertainment

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