Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Plastic Soldier Company - Battlegroup Overlord Re-Rpint

The Plastic Soldier Company announced a new edition of Battlegroup Overlord:

Battlegroup Overlord back in print!
Well, at least half of it:-
A 136 page softback reprint of the "Beyond the Beaches" section of the original Overlord campaign supplement
The "D Day" section of the original Overlord campaign supplement will be re-printed at a future date (there is a significant anniversary coming up.......)
Scenarios and Army lists for: British Armour and Infantry Divisions, American Armour and Infantry Divisions, German Panzer, Infantry and Fallschirmjaeger divisions. All vehicle data for Normandy '44 until the Westwall end of '44
Link: The Plastic Soldier Company 

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