Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Spartan Games - Firestorm Strike Force Pre-Order

The new Firestorm Strike Force game can now be pre-ordered from Spartan Games:

Spartan Games is proud to announce for pre-order Firestorm: Strike Force, our first foray into the world of ‘out of the box’ board games. As part of our massive expansion of the Firestorm Galaxy, Firestorm: Strike Force is designed to be enjoyed by everyone from Rookie pilots to veteran Aces and can be played right out of the box with no painting or modelling required!
Using easy to master fast-action rules, Firestorm: Strike Force delivers all a gamer needs to begin their exciting journey into the frenzy of tactical fighter warfare. At the game’s heart is a Deck Building mechanic which enables players to fine tune their forces to their own playstyle and supports exciting future game expansions.
The game pits two bitter enemies against each other in brutal combat: the Terran Alliance and Dindrenzi Federation.
The Terran Alliance, a potent galaxy-wide superpower, has charged itself with bringing order and unity to every system within its grasp. Those that would dare stand against the Alliance, will be met with only with devastation.
The Dindrenzi Federation long ago turned its back on the Terran Alliance and suffered heavily for its independence. A quest for freedom has turned the Federation from colonists into daring and capable warriors and the time to strike back at their oppressors is now at hand.
Here is everything you need to play, including a stunning full colour, double-sided set of modular Game Tiles which assemble to form a 2’ x 2’ minimum gaming space! And double sided means you have a choice of battlefields.
* Game Rules
* 12 highly detailed, pre-coloured Fighter models
- 6 x Terran Alliance Rindr Strike Fighters
- 6 x Dindrenzi Federation Erinyes Strike Fighters
* 9 full colour, double sided Game Tiles
* 2 Combat Decks
* 2 Faction Decks (1 Terran and 1 Dindrenzi)
* 2 Strike Commander Cards
* Statistic Cards
* Draw Bag & Tokens (Activation and Fog of War)
* 12 coloured Flight Stands
This is the perfect way for gamers to start their exciting gaming journey into tactical fighter combat in the Firestorm Galaxy, but this is only the beginning. Future expansions will include additional races (such as the Aquan Prime, Directorate, Sorylian Collective and Relthoza), new Games Tiles, Scenery, Ship Of The Line (such as Frigates), Bombers, Boarding Craft and much more!
Firestorm: Strike Force delivers gamers the opportunity to play intense battles that bring together Fighters, Bombers, Boarding Craft and ships of the line into one easy to learn and master game.
Link: Spartan Games

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