Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Pendraken Miniatures - Tridente Bologna Acquisition

Pendraken Miniatures announced the acquisition of the TB line of 10mm miniatures:

Tridente Bologna released their first 10mm ranges in 2008, starting with a range of Teutonic Knights. Over the years, they added Islamic and Eastern European opponents, plus some Mongols, as well as moving back into the Ancients period with ranges for the Punic Wars. The ranges were unavailable for several periods of time in recent years, until 2016, when the ranges were sold to Aster Wargame in Italy and brought back into production.We are excited to announce that we've recently purchased the rights to all of the TB Line 10mm ranges, previously owned by Aster Wargame in Italy. All of the molds were shipped to Pendraken HQ this past week, and we'll start checking them over soon. 
Link: Pendraken Miniatures

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