Saturday, May 20, 2017

Spartan Games - Force Builder App

Spartan Games announced their Force Builder app:

The App is intended to provide gamers with a FREE tool for force building as well as a play-aid to give you all the stat cards you will ever need. It will also allow use to instantaneously update statistics, issue errata and streamline our information delivery to you all.
For those of you who have been testing the App for us behind the scenes, let me publicly thank you for your efforts and invaluable feedback. Without you, we would never have got this project off the ground.
The first of our games systems to get the ‘app-treatment’ will be Halo: Ground Command, followed closely by Halo: Fleet Battles. However, in time ALL our games should appear in the Force Builder – with Firestorm: Planetfall next in the queue.
Link: Spartan Games 

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