Friday, February 3, 2017

Public Service Announcement - Limited Service

I have a closed beta key for Ghost Recon Wildlands, so don't expect to see many updates on the Fix this weekend.


  1. Knowing Ubisoft, you'll probably spend most of the weekend cursing on here: "Why don't the servers work!" ;-)

  2. All the best with your War on Drugs.

  3. Still playing, eh? I hope you are winning.

  4. Yep, at least I now know that I am not going to buy at release :)

    1. Enenmy and team AI is a joke, and it feels just like Far Cry 4 with realistic textures. Not a "tactical" shooter at all.
      Vehicle physics are the worst I have seen in a long time with every car being able to go cross-country and climb steep cliffs without any problem.
      Vehicles also have only stage damage - smoke, more smoke, fire, explosion. But even totally shot up it handles just fine.
      And the most successful tactic was to put your whole team in a van and drive straight through the enemy base to the objective.

      I hope I have time to write another post about it over at SAS,


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