Monday, February 13, 2017

Happy Gorilla Game Studios - Chronicles Preview

Happy Gorilla Game Studios announced Chronicles: The Game and the Chronicles On-line Community Role Playing Game (OCRPG):

Chronicles: The Game is a 32mm-scale, tabletop miniature strategy game set in the the fantasy land of Indagar, where you field your army of miniatures against your opponent in immersive missions and scenarios. Chronicles features fast-paced gameplay and a unique combat system that allows your models to be played as flexibly as you want while still functioning like a cohesive force.
The game scales from small to large games, and has a number of unique features that set it apart, including: living rules, a custom d10 system, dynamic unit formations, faster play with less math, and the first of it’s kind Online Community Role Playing Game.
Chronicles Online is a living, thriving community of players that have taken the plunge into the full story-driven world of Indagar. It is the world’s first Online Community Role Playing Game (OCRPG.)
Chronicles Online builds a unique, immersive experience on top of the tabletop game. You can participate in your faction’s leadership, driving the decisions that directly affect the battles you face on the table, forging the political future of Indigar, or undermining and sabotaging opposing factions. You can also share artwork and stories you’ve produced with the community, establish sanctioned blogs, vlogs, fansites, and podcasts, and be recognized by your peers for your talents and efforts. Through your participation, you will earn real rewards including exclusive access to miniatures and bonuses for you and your faction.
Link: Chronicles 

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