Sunday, February 12, 2012

Raging Heroes - Cyberwolves Pre-Order

Raging Heroes now accepts pre-orders for their Cyberwolves:

The cyberwolves are now available for preorder.
Pre-order pricing is limited to the first 100 units and is subject to change without notice (see details below).
Get yours before it's too late !
We expect a massive demand for these minis, so better hurry up if you want to get yours fast.
The Pack of 3 Cyberwolves features a running cyberwolf, another one that is jumping, and a third snarling one. The Pack Leader is larger, haughty, and perfectly suited for a hero.
Each wolf is made of 5 parts and has rider legs attached to it.

Link: Raging Heroes 


  1. I think the legs are awesome, but the heads are out-of-proportion to the mid-section/thorax of the wolf. And then there's the tail...

    Don't get me wrong; I think they'd be great for kitbashing a TWC fig. I just think you'd either have to bulk up the mid-section with green stuff, or you'd have to add elements of this kit to the more "buffalo" looking analogues, in order to get a better=proportioned set.

    Plus, aren't these possibly too cybernetic?

  2. Absolutely brilliant! And BIG!

    I don't agree with the out-of-proportion comment. Look at the photos of the masters: you ust gotta have a beast that can snap our enemies in 2.

    The price is right, compared to Canis which is waaayyyy much more, so I've just grabbed the pack and the boss.


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