Sunday, February 12, 2012

Defiance Games - Aleutia Campaign

Definace Games gives some insight into their creative process and announced a new background segment, the Aleutia Campaign:

It was important for us to create a way to release Core and Edge Forces logically - so that when you buy your USMC infantry or German Panzergrenadiers - you know that the heavy weapons teams and other sets to flesh out your army are not that far behind (i.e. you better get painting!) 
To achieve this, we've created a way for Forces, and set releases, for Alien War to follow a campaign, story-driven release cycle. Here's what we mean...
Each release cycle will feature one theatre of war (or planetary conflict) and focus exclusively on the Forces that are involved in that fight. This way, each Force that's introduced will have a good "chunk" of its sets released in close proximity so that you can build a full, diverse army in short order.

For the next few months we are going to focus on a conflict on the US colony world Aleutia. Aleutia is a world of islands - over 85% water - that was discovered in 2172 and is home to an indigenous, intelligent race called the Vralk (which you'll be seeing sculpts of in the not too distant future!)

Aleutia is a particularly valuable world with massive natural resources - and as such is a target. The Germans have had mining concessions for decades, other nations have their eyes on it, and the Vralk themselves are well aware that they've received the short end of the colonial stick.

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