Friday, February 10, 2012

Brigade Models - New Shapeway Shipping Deal

Brigade Models announced an alternative way to order teh 6mm Shapeway terrain:

So here’s our suggestion. Rather than making your own orders, e-mail your orders to us. We’ll put together a big order on which we’ll pay just the one shipping charge (which, since we’re in Europe, won’t be too horrendous). Then, when the package arrives, we’ll split it up and send it out individually to the correct recipients.
The downside of this will be time, so it’ll only work if you’re all patient – Shapeways orders take roughly 2-3 weeks to arrive, on top of which will be the time for the individual orders to get to you from us. And we’d have to wait for enough orders to build up to make it worthwhile, so we’d be looking at turnarounds of maybe 4-6 weeks or more.
Link: Brigade Models 

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