Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Confrontation - Resurrection Announcement

A new facebook page announced the return of Confrontation:

Link: Confrontation Resurrection on facebook


  1. For real?! This is going to be a more wide ranging version of Necromunda then?

  2. Oh, I got over excited and though that this was GW's Confrontation. Still, this could be great. It was a shame when they killed off the game with the ill advised jump to pre-painted minis.

    1. The game was dead before that. The plastics were a misguided attempt to inject a semblance of life into the corpse. It'll be interesting to see if this attempt works, though, as CMON's Clash of Kings had basically tapped into the same aesthetic in the last few years.

    2. And the Title doesn't sound like a desperate last-ditch effeort at all. /sarc Still I wish them best of luck.

      I second Walt Man's AT-43 suggestion - I found it much more compelling.


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